Why Study Romeo & Juliet Again?

At Secondary School for Law, Ms. Anthony’s class, aided by Teaching Artist Chesney Snow, developed a hands on curriculum where students created various ensembles, each tasked with performing the roles of an acting company (ie. costume, visual and sound design, directing, and acting). Students explored Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and produced a Shakespeare Festival. The entire 12th grade participated in festival where they presented scenes from Romeo and Juliet as well as a series of monologues from selected plays by the Bard. In addition students presented original spoken word performances and readings of contemporary literary greats. Pairing contemporary and student written pieces with classic work is a great way for students to find connection and meaning in English class.


Students say: 

“I would also like to thank you beyond a couching level but on a personal level. You helped me gain confidence in performing in front of people. You also made me more open minded and intrigued with drama and acting. Not only were the things you taught helpful in the class and stage, but they are also helpful for everyday life. It taught me to make more eye contact and speak more confidently with people.” -Divine


“Why do we have to Study Romeo and Juliet again? “Why do we have to perform these scenes”? Our class got to experience different levels of literature and the art that correlates with it.  -Samantha


“When we first started to practice lines from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I was anxious about how terrible I may be. As many people know, I am quite shy. They don’t hear or see me participate as much as my peers. This why I thought nothing can be expected much from me. I only gained the courage because you gave us the feeling of acceptance. You appreciated our involvement and our attempt to make an effort even though we may not do as good. -Sandra