Winter Showcase at Brandeis High School

Students in all three of UAP’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers after school arts programs at Louis D. Brandeis High School recently presented their work at a showcase for family and friends.

First up was the Good Lookin’ Photo Club led by teaching artist Yarrow Lutz, represented by a slideshow of students’ images from recent projects, some of which involved the photo students collaborating with students in the Fashion Club run by The Leadership Program.  The images highlight not only their amazing creativity and technical skill, but also show their willingness to take risks with the camera.  The slideshow can be seen in video format below.

The Drama Club and the Music Club also presented collaborative performance pieces.  Working with teaching artists Heather Acs and Erika Kapin, students jointly explored the theme of heroic love to create short scenes accompanied by live musical soundtrack.  Drama students presented two scenes backed by performers from the Music Club, which made for a truly unique experience for the audience.



“First we learned the keys and fingering and then we learned how to play the pieces.  We collaborated with the Drama Club.  We both had a theme of “heroic love,” then put our parts together.  We shared our work, then we added some things and edited some stuff out.  I was nervous to perform, but I just acted like nobody was there and played my part.  Before the program I didn’t know anything about piano.  I wish we could have the program for more days.” – Quadry, 12th Grade

“Our topic was heroic love.  Our group was all boys, so we did a scene that dealt with brotherly love from ‘Boyz in Da Hood.”  It was like a Broadway show to have the live music during the scene.  As an actor, it makes you feel it more.  i was influenced by mafia movies and actors I like.  This is what I want to be, so that’s why I study it and work hard.  I love acting and drama and it’s something I plan to do as I get older.” – Raymond, 11th Grade

“We’ve been working on heroic love and my scene involves drug dealers.  We chose this because it relates to life.  It’s a story about when a character has to do something he doesn’t ever imagine he would do.  We wanted the audience to think about how there are ways to get money and things you want, but you have to choose the good ways to do it.” – Courtney, 11th Grade